In-Person Safety Guidelines

Covid-19 has released unprecedented challenges for our country and for the Church. While the challenges are many, there are also unprecedented opportunities to live out our calling as a transformed community of Jesus followers commonly called the church. As the State of Michigan has begun lessening restrictions, your church leadership has listened carefully to you as we’ve prayerfully mapped out a pathway to re-open our doors for in-person worship gatherings.

Few gifts are more precious to us than the chance to be part of vital Christian community. We are grateful that even when we have not been able to worship together physically, we have been able to use modern technology to do life together in virtual ways! We also believe that, in that Christian community, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt. 22:39). 

We have worked with churches in the community and throughout the country to collectively come up with best practices for re-opening the church building for in-person worship services while also protecting the vulnerable and mitigating the spread of Covid-19. There is no perfect way forward, nor is there a way to eliminate all risk. We understand that many will not be comfortable to return to the church building just yet, and just as many are eager to come together again. Live streaming will continue to create a space for God’s people to worship together, whatever our location. BOTH the 9:00am and 10:30am services will be live streamed.

Before you come to service

For those who are comfortable returning to in-person worship,
we have come up with the following plan for re-opening the building:

We will  gather with two services, each in the Family Life Center (the gym) at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

  • In order to facilitate social distancing guidelines, we will have sign-ups to manage attendance. Seats in the FLC are currently limited to 160 attenders; overflow seating is available in the sanctuary.  Registration will go live each Monday at 9:00am.  You can sign-up online using the link below or reach out someone who can help you sign up. 
  • Masks will be required as you enter the building until you are settled in our chairs, as well as each time you want to sing along with the worship team.  When you’re in your seat and not singing, we encourage you to keep your mask on, but it is not mandatory.  At the end of the service, we again will require that you put your mask on until you are outside the building. (Note: if you forgot your mask, we’re happy to provide one when you enter.) 
  • We ask that if you are sick or have symptoms, that you not come until you are well.  If you are uncertain whether you have a fever and unable to check this at home, we have touchless thermometers available which quickly measure a person’s temperature from a safe distance. If anyone’s temperature exceeds the CDC guidelines you will be respectfully required to worship from home.  
  • Seating will be arranged so that families may sit together in clusters, with 6 feet distance maintained between clusters to facilitate physical distancing. Children and students are welcome to worship with you in the FLC. You can reserve a Family Table too! 
  • See our TRINITY KIDS GUIDELINES  and check out our Trinity Kids page for more info. 
  • Be sure to wave hello to each other!  Elbow bumps and air high fives are encouraged!
  • Giving Boxes will be at the back of the Family Life Center in place of passing offering plates.  We encourage you to give online (website or app)  if possible.
  • Our clean-up crew is committed to disinfecting all common-use objects and areas! This will occur between all  services.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations are available as you enter and exit the building. Hand washing is a priority for all event staff and volunteers.
  • There will not be drinking fountains or donuts; however, bottled water will be available for you at all services.
Bottom line: Our hearts ache to gather and worship with you again.  These measures may seem like overkill to some or not enough to others.  Our desire is for your safety and peace of mind as we return to in-person worship gatherings. We know many will choose to continue to worship at home; there is zero judgment for such a decision.  We trust that you will use your best wisdom in deciding whether you worship at home or at the church – but we encourage you to worship!  We are a family that is knit together by the Holy Spirit, not by physical proximity.  Please continue to pray for the church as we strive to honor God and each other through these turbulent times.  If you have questions or suggestions, reach out to Pastor Fuller, an elder, or someone on the church staff – we’re praying for you and want to serve!  

COVID -19 Exposure Form

If you have tested positive or have been directly exposed to COVID-19 AND have been in attendance at a church service or event, please fill out this confidential form to notify Tony Mlynarek.