t h e   c h u r c h

Trinity Kids


Nursery volunteers provide loving care for our infants and toddlers, allowing them to feel the love of their church family and feel confident that Trinity is a safe place for their babies to learn and grow in God's love.

Greeters &
Hall Monitors

We place a high priority on the safety and security of our children. In addition to welcoming our families and assisting with check-in, hall monitors are responsible for keeping watch over the Children’s Area entrances and exits, ensuring all families check in, and maintaining an overall safe environment for kids & families.

Large Group
Leaders & Teachers

Large Group Leaders will host the large group time each week. They prepare a lesson for K-5th graders and are responsible for setting up the stage for their teaching time each week.

Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leaders facilitate a classroom during service using the given lesson plan and their own creativity and giftings (some minimal prep time may be necessary). They are available during large group to sit with kids, encourage them to participate, pay attention, and interact with the Bible lesson. Small group leaders are personable and get to know, interact, and engage with kids throughout the service time.

Small Group Assistants

Small Group Assistants help Small Group Leaders in whatever ways are needed. They may assist in facilitating any crafts or games using their own creativity and giftings. Throughout the year assistants will get to know the children in their class, be inviting toward them, and minister to their needs.

Midweek (AWANA)
Small Group Leaders

Midweek Small Group Leaders facilitate Bible verse learning and more! They are energetic and engaging during large group worship, engage with and encourage kids, and support their Bible verse memorization during small group time. These leaders help kids as they transition from gym time to small group to large group.
Prior to beginning to serve with Trinity Kids, we encourage you to speak with the Children’s Ministry Director about observing in one of our classrooms. This will give you a great idea of what the program looks like on a weekly basis! Please pray about where God may be leading you to serve. Should you decide that you’d love to join our awesome ministry team, there are a few steps that we must take to ensure your safety & the safety of our kids.

Step 1:   Attend for 6+ Months
Step 2:   Talk with Us
Step 3:   Submit Background Check
Step 4:   Get Approved and Get Started!

Trinity Student Ministries

Sunday Morning 

6th - 10th Grade

Connect with students, join in on worship and be a fun adult presence in the room.   Or help cook a tasty ahead or in the room to serve our students!
Commitment: Once morning a month.  

Wednesday Night 

Middle School

Enjoy a high energy time with middle school students. This could involve facilitating a small group, leading or participating in a game, running tech or selling candy.
Commitment:  Wednesday nights September -  April. 

Small Group Leader

High School

Partner with another adult in leading a high school small group.
Commitment: Two nights a month

Sunday Night 

High School

Join high school students for games, worship and teaching.
Commitment: Two Sunday nights a month

Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry consists of 4 teams of volunteers who are committed to serving others;
it is intended to help seniors, widows, single moms and disabled individuals who cannot, for whatever reason, take care of simple yet sometimes overwhelming daily needs.
Visitation with individuals who are hospitalized or are shut-in due to illness or physical limitations
Help with common everyday chores, such as cleaning, raking, trips to the grocery store, or rides to medical appointments
Medical & financial counseling to provide assistance for those who may or may not have funds, and need help with how and where to obtain appropriate resources
Providing skilled labor to help with minor home repairs, simple plumbing, light electrical, and other home needs

Worship Arts


This is an auditioned group of skilled musicians with a heart for the ministry of worship. We are looking for those who have the ability to read music and/or improvise.

 Commitment: Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, and worship Sunday mornings.


A warm, friendly demeanor is needed to greet people, collect the offering and handle any unexpected situations with grace.

Commitment: Sunday mornings; as scheduled 
1 or 2 times/month.


This is an auditioned group of skilled vocalists with a heart for the ministry of worship. We’re looking for those who can read music and/or improvise vocally, and engage others in worship.

Commitment: Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, and worship Sunday mornings.


Behind the scenes work covering audio, video, and lights. Basic knowledge of sound consoles, computers, and cameras is necessary, as well as being a team player, having a servant’s heart, and attention to detail.

Commitment: Sunday mornings; as scheduled 
1 or 2 times per month


The choir leads worship in the 9 am service and is open to all who have a heart for the ministry of worship, enjoy singing, and have the ability to read music or learn quickly by ear.

Commitment: Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, and worship Sunday mornings. 
Sep - May; special events at Christmas and Easter.


Ensure a smooth production of the Sunday worship service. Open and lock facility, if needed, coordinate ushers, and examine worship area for needs and problem-solve throughout the morning. Attend to any special needs i.e. lighting candles, making copies, getting more chairs, etc.

Commitment: Sunday mornings; as scheduled, 
1 or 2 times per month.


Gifted instrumentalists with a heart for worship serve by accompanying the choir, band, or vocalists, and by playing solos during worship services.

Commitment: As needed on Sunday mornings


People with a good back and willingness to serve are part of teams that set up chairs in the Family Life Center prior to the 10:30 service.

Commitment: Once a month.




New Here &
Welcome Desk

MidWeek Dinners

The first shift prepares coffee one hour before the 9 am service. The second shift refills pots and cleans up after the 10:30 am service ends.
Commitment: One Sunday per month.
These are the faces that greet newcomers and members as they walk in, welcoming them and offering help if needed.
Commitment: One Sunday per month for 20 minutes before the service.
Greet our visitors before and after the service.  The welcome desk helps answer questions guests or members may have before, during, and after the service.
Commitment: One Sunday per month. 
Be a part of the team that prepares a meal to serve and share on Wednesday nights.
Commitment: One Wednesday night per month.