Trinity Church Deacons

What Do Deacons Do?
Deacons visit the sick, facilitate financial assistance to people in need, prepare the Lord’s Supper for worship services, host funeral dinners, and generally provide ministries of help and compassion. They may serve as ushers, receive the offering, help preparing for baptisms, along with other services.

Terms of Service
Deacons are elected by the congregation to a three-year term. After two consecutive terms, one will be ineligible for election for one year. The Deacons are accountable to the Elders. Deacons are required to participate in monthly board meetings as well.

Who Can Be a Deacon at Trinity?
Deacons are men or women who are members of the church and who have been called, elected, and ordained to a role of sympathy and service. The EPC Book of Order states, “those who bear this office should exhibit especially those spiritual qualities of the Christian and should be earnest and wholehearted followers of Christ. They should be persons who are steady and reliable, well thought of by all. They should not be new in the faith and should be tested for faithfulness before election.”

How Deacons Are Nominated and Elected?
The Nominating Committee consists of at least seven persons who are elected by the congregation. They receive nominations from the congregation and prepare a slate of candidates eligible for election at the next Annual Meeting.

January  | Open call for nominations among active members

February | Candidates reviewed and prayerfully considered for call 

March-April | Nominating Committee extends invitation to accept call
June| Election of Elders and Deacons at the annual Congregational Meeting

August | Deacon Training – plan on two sessions, usually scheduled in the evening.

September | Ordination and Installation – takes place during Sunday morning service.

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