The Virtuous Life

The Virtuous Life: Valuing Integrity
The Virtuous life is a life dedicated to forming the habits and character necessary to respond to the complexity of life. Life is a blend of pain and joy, rejoicing and lament, hardships and opportunities. The Virtuous life examines one’s heart, motivations, and habits and how they are shaped through the contours of life.

As Richard Foster says, “We see Jesus consistently doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. We see in him such deeply ingrained “holy habits” that he is always “reponse-able,” always able to respond appropriately. This is purity of heart. This is the virtuous life.” 

The Good and Beautiful Life

by James Bryan Smith

Gentle & Lowly: The Heart for Christ
for Sinners and Sufferers

by Dan Ortlund

Holier than Thou: How God's
Holiness Helps Us Trust Him

by Jackie Hill Perry

Emotionally Healthy Leader

by Peter Scazzero


by Chuck Lawless


by Erik Rees